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At Sultan Lloyd, our immigration Solicitors will provide smart, compassionate, practical advice regarding making an FLR(FP) application either under family life as a partner (10-year route) or family life as a parent. Led by firm director, Nighat Sultana, our multi-lingual immigration law team has a robust reputation in making successful FLR(FP) applications. We understand the stress and apprehension these applications can place on you and your family. Therefore, we work quickly and pro-actively to ensure you receive a positive decision. If your application is refused, we can advise you on making an immigration appeal or Judicial Review.

To speak to an FLR FP Appeals Solicitor, call us on 0121 248 2850 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, click here to make an online enquiry.

What is the 10-year partner route or the 5-year route for limited leave to remain?

The 10-year partner route is available to those in the UK who are:

·         the partner of a British Citizen, or;

·         settled in the UK, or;

·         in the UK with limited leave as a refugee or granted humanitarian protection (this excludes family members not yet in the UK who qualify under Part 11 of the Immigration Rules.

At Sultan Lloyd Solicitors, our immigration team understands how the UKVI reaches this balance and can advise you on drafting your application and submitting supporting documents accordingly, specific to your case.

A partner is defined as a spouse, civil partner, fiancé(e), or someone who has been living with the settled person in a relationship akin to marriage for two or more years.

Our Immigration Solicitors can provide you with the advice and support you need on making an application. We will also keep you up to date with its progression and deal with any questions from UKVI.

What is the 10-year parent route for limited leave to remain?

This route provides a basis on which leave to remain can be granted to a parent who has sole responsibility for or direct access to a child following the breakdown of their relationship with the child’s other parent.

To make a successful application under this route, you need to meet one of the following criteria:

·         You have sole parental responsibility for your child

·         You do not live with the child (who lives with a parent or carer who is a British citizen or settled here), but have direct access (in person) to the child, as agreed with the child’s other parent or through a Child Arrangement Order

·         You are the parent with whom the child normally lives, rather than the child’s other parent who is British or settled

We understand the fear our clients feel when faced with having to leave the UK and their child (or children). Our immigration lawyers are compassionate and will work tirelessly to ensure your FLR(FP) application as a parent is successful.

What are the eligibility criteria for the 10-year parent route?

You must prove the following to make a successful application:

·         be over 18 years

·         have a genuine and subsisting relationship with your child

In addition, your child must be a British citizen or have lived in the UK continuously for at least the seven years immediately preceding the date of application. It must also be proven that it would be unreasonable to expect them to leave the UK.

How we can help you make an FLR(FP) application

With decades of experience in advising on immigration law, Nighat and her team will ensure your FLR(FP) application runs smoothly from beginning to end. Whether you are applying as a partner or as a parent, we will provide you with responsive, practical, caring advice and give you confidence that you have professional advisors on your side.

To talk to one of our immigration team about making an FLR(FP) application, call us on 0121 248 2850 ;or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, click here to make an online enquiry.

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'My friends, the Patel family, were referred to Harminder Meht of Sultan Lloyd in September 2013.  We met Harminder when circumstances were very challenging and Harminder explained the available options very clearly, helpfully and with evident empathy and understanding.  Thereafter she and her colleagues helped us at every step including securing legal aid despite the fact that a previous solicitor had not identified that this was possible. Harminder was instrumental in securing the release from detention of one member of the family and following a difficult judicial review process she obtained a Home Office decision that allows the family leave to remain in the UK, to work and study here for the next 30 months. We are all delighted with Harminder and Sultan Lloyd and we are very happy to recommend Harminder and Sultan Lloyd to future users of their services.'

-- Alasdair Denton

'With a track record of involvement in all kinds of business and private applications, Country Guidance cases, judicial reviews and appeals to the Court of Appeal, Sultan Lloyd have expertise both in publicly funded work and commercial immigration, making them one of the outstanding immigration specialists in the Midlands.'

-- Mark Symes, Counsel at Garden Court Chambers, London

'I have been instructed by Messrs SL for a number of years and in various asylum and immigration matters. The firm has always provided a friendly and professional service and is dedicated to achieving the most favourable outcome for their clients. The staff is both efficient and courteous and offers a valuable service to vulnerable clients. I would rate the firm as amongst the very best in this area of law, proven by their many reported cases. I would wholeheartedly recommend this firm to anyone seeking representation in an asylum or immigration case.'
-- Issac Maka, Counsel, London

'As one of SL's ex clients, I can say that they worked very accurately and hard on my case. They also used very good quality interpreters.'
-- Ismail Mohammed Nazhad, Ex asylum client, Birmingham

'SL is a very trustworthy and reliable firm, helping those people seeking asylum. I hope they continue working in this way.'

-- Kurdo Rezaie, Ex asylum client, Birmingham

'. . . a reliable, efficient firm. They explained things very clearly and did exactly what they said they would. I was really impressed with their friendly and efficient service.'-- Miss N Osman, Birmingham